Internship Programs

Working as an intern at Builder is more than an opportunity to bolster your résumé. It also offers the potential to launch a career at Builder, as a vast majority of our interns receive offers for full-time positions.

Design & Build
  • Professional evironment.
  • Be trainned every year with latest technology.
  • Work with highly skills partners.
  • Good treatment from company.
  • Good opportunity  for higher position.
  • Can choose the location working.

While most contractors offer a summer job to see what construction "is all about," Builder provides our interns the opportunity to have the full responsibilities of a project engineer. Nationally recognized for having the #1 training program in construction, Builder interns are immediately immersed in the building process, learning from the best builders in the business.
Participants in the Builder Intern Advantage program build some of the most challenging, complex and high-profile construction projects in progress today. It's the kind of work that gives you the satisfaction of being part of something bigger than yourself or your degree program - helping to build projects that improve our communities and impact people's lives.
This is your chance to start working with a 100% employee owned company with a more than 150-year history of success. It's a chance to get real experience from real builders, setting yourself apart from your peers and giving you a real advantage in building a career where the sky's the limit.